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Here is a little bit about me so far

A picture of me surrounded by acers, another love of mine.

When you make the decision to purchase a piece of jewellery from me you are supporting my fledgling business and not a huge corporation. I take great care that every single piece of jewellery I craft is as perfect as I can make it and I have very high standards for myself. If I wouldn't be happy to purchase that piece then I don't sell it, its that simple.  I get such enjoyment in seeing someone enjoy jewellery that I have created and that is why I started this business.

I have always loved art and design from as far back as I can remember. As children we were always making something from paper crafts, clay or painting, the list is endless. And we loved every minute of it. I'm forever grateful that my amazing Mum is so arty herself that we were always inspired to try something new, except knitting (I gave up on that as the wool kept falling off the end of the needles lol).

My beginnings in jewellery design and making started out with bead work then following some evening and weekend courses I proceeded to have training on stone setting with a respected goldsmith.  I migrated onto to working with silver and I have never looked back. I absolutely love it! 

Protecting the environment is something that is very important to me. The majority of silver that I use in my designs is recycled and the packing I use is produced from recycled materials. 

I started Sarah Ralph Designs in 2019 and whilst starting and running a business has certainly had it's moments it's been amazing and I look forward to where it takes me in the future. 

All the best and lots of love

Sarah xxxxxx

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