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Half Frothy Heart Earrings

Half Frothy Heart Earrings


These Half Frothy Heart shaped earrings are crafted from recycled solid sterling silver using tiny granules or balls of sterling silver.


Each granule is made individually by melting tiny pieces of sterling silver, as the silver melts, they naturally form spheres. These granules are then soldered on to each earring individually and built up to form these gorgeous alternative heart shaped earrings.


Each earring is 2cm in length and 2.3cm at their widest approximately. Each pair of earrings will be crafted just for you so the granule placements will be slightly different to that shown in the pictures, but the overall design will be the same. The earring hooks are solid sterling silver.


These earrings make a statement and catch the light beautifully. Also available is the matching pendant.

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